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Don’t wait any longer for Potty Training Success. Get instant access to The Potty Princess Potty Training Success Course, just £79 £39 Today!

Don’t wait any longer for Potty Training Success. Get instant access to The Potty Training Success Course, just £79 £39 Today!

Struggling to Potty Train Your Child or Worried About Starting?

Ever Asked Yourself These Potty Training Questions?

Did you know there is a proven Potty Training Process that can work for every child. It is a process that uses behavioural science, a science that has been used for over 50 years! I'm a behaviour analyst and use behavioural science every day to help parents and children.

Want to know the difference between Potty Training boys and girls and what to do when they have an accident?
This area probably raises the most questions for parents; do you train boys sitting or standing, should I put my child on the toilet or potty, should I teach wiping, what should I say when they have an accident?

Want to get started Potty Training Today?
Don't put it off any longer. Potty Train with a proven, science based potty training process in just a few days!

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If you ever wondered how other parents Potty Train so quickly, this is how! Potty Training can be simple if you know the formula and process!

Ever wondered what the readiness signs are that tell you your child is ready?
There are key tell tale signs that let you know your child is ready for Potty Training. Once you see the you know your child can be Potty Trained quickly and easily!

Want to know what stops most parents Potty Training?
Do you know over 50% of parents just like you put Potty Training off until they can't possibly wait any longer. Some put it off so long potty training actually becomes more difficult for their child!

Want to Potty Train your child but not sure where to start?
Have you tried and things have not gone to plan?


The Potty Princess

"I will explain a step-by-step process for potty training your child that is easy to follow and fun, taking the frustration out of Potty Training"

"I passionately believe that every child can be Potty Trained and that the process doesn't need to be stressful for parents."

Potty Train your child no matter what the challenge!

Rachel is a behavioural expert who has supported hundreds of parents in Potty Training their children using easy-to-follow steps and strategies. No matter what potty-training challenge you are facing Rachel has seen it and overcome it often helping parents who have struggled for months to Potty Train their children in days!

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Potty Training Success

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Here are some key points to keep in mind when potty training your child:

Potty training is an important developmental milestone for young children as it marks their transition from using nappies to using the toilet.

While the process can be challenging for both the child and the parent, there are several tips and strategies that can help make the process smoother and more successful.

When do I start Potty Training?

Firstly, it's important to recognize the signs that your child is ready to begin potty training. These signs may include showing an interest in the bathroom or toilets, telling you when they have soiled their nappies, or displaying signs of discomfort when wearing a wet or soiled nappy. Once you've recognized these signs, it's time to begin introducing your child to the concept of using the potty.

How do I get started?

Start by introducing your child to the potty and letting them sit on it with their clothes on. This will help them become familiar with the potty and begin to associate it with the act of using the bathroom. You can also let your child watch you or a trusted caregiver use the toilet to help them understand the process.

How do I know my child is ready?

When your child is ready to begin using the potty, it's important to be patient and supportive. Encourage your child to sit on the potty at regular intervals throughout the day, especially after meals or naps. Praise and reward your child when they are successful, but avoid punishing or shaming them when accidents happen.

Are Toilets or Potty’s best when you start out?

The key is to make sure your child is comfortable and feels secure while using the bathroom.

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  • Get Full access to the The Online Workshops
  • ​All the knowledge you need to potty train your child
  • ​Rachel answers FAQs
  • ​​You will get resources to help you potty train

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  • Child Development
  • ​Common Toileting Issues
  • ​When is your child ready
  • ​​Creating a Potty Training Plan
  • ​​Get Great Resources

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Potty Train

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  • The 'How To' Process
  • ​Set a Toileting Routine
  • ​How to get your child started
  • ​​How to motivate them to keep going
  • ​​When you know it's working

Step 4

Potty Training Success

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  • Wiping and washing hands
  • ​Making it even simpler for your child
  • ​Knowing when they should go
  • ​​Overcoming common challenges
  • ​​FAQs


Every child is different, be patient, supportive, and consistent, and with Rachel's techniques, your child will successfully master this important life skill.

Rachel Rees AKA The Potty Princess


Rachel specialises in working with children. She works at
The Behaviour Clinic, a specialist therapeutic organisation for children in South Wales.

Several years ago,
following supporting countless parents to potty train their children, Rachel’s colleagues dubbed her
the Potty Princess because she was their go to expert for all toileting challenges.

Rachel has helped potty train toddlers but she also specialises in helping older children who are having toileting difficulties, sometimes into their teenage years.

Rachel is the Go To Expert for all your Potty Training Questions!

What The Satisfied Parents Say About The Potty Princess

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