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I tried potty training my daughter for months and she was getting very distressed. I started working with Rachel and she gave me some simple strategies I just hadn’t known about, within two weeks my daughter was dry every day and within a month we were having dry nights too. I can’t thank Rachel enough, my daughter being dry in the day meant she could start nursery school!

Very useful practical advice which I can implement for any future foster children I care for.

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My son, who is four, was having accidents in the day continuously, this was very draining as I was continuously washing clothes and there were many times he was sent home from school because of an accident. Rachel helped us over a three-week period in the summer and with her help I was able to teach him to use the toilet. He is now dry every day, I no longer have mountains of washing and he never gets sent home from school."

The information was very clear and direct. All relevant to Potty Training. Rachel tailored the slides to personal preferences/issues and adapted to each child.

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Don't wait any longer to help your child take this important step towards independence. 

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