The Potty Princess

Rachel Rees, AKA The Potty Princess

Meet the potty princess 

Rachel is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and expert in children's behaviour. She is an active clinician who continues to work in clinical practice supporting parents managing many childhood challenges.

Rachel has supported hundreds of parents in Potty Training their children with her easy-to-follow steps and strategies. Day to Day she works as Clinic Manager at therapeutic organisation The Behaviour Clinic which specialises in providing trauma informed care to children with complex needs. Rachel manages a team of therapists. One of Rachel's specialist areas at the clinic (she has many) is supporting young people, from toddlers to teens, with toileting challenges. She is not only an expert in Potty Training but also at resolving behaviour based bowel and enuresis difficulties. She is the person to turn to if your child is experiencing toilet challenges!

Rachel's TikTok tips get hundreds of thousands of views!

Her tips have hundreds of thousands of views

Rachel manages a team of therapists

Rachel Manages a Therapy Team

The Potty Princess at Work!

She is a clinic manager in clinical practice

The Story of The Potty Princess

Rachel posts Potty Training Tips Every Day!

Rachel Earnt the name! 

In 2017 when Rachel was working at a University based children's clinic she started to see many children with toileting challenges. These children were either proving difficult to Potty Train or their parents were at the point of giving up following trying for years to get their children out of pull-ups. Using her behaviour analytic skills Rachel helped these parents and children successfully resolve toileting challenges and remain dry. She was so good at toilet training her colleagues gave her the nickname The Potty Princess

When Rachel joined the specialist team of therapists at The Behaviour Clinic in 2019 the name followed her and she quickly became the clinics go to person for toileting challenges. Rachel spent the next few years continuing to support many parents with potty training and following seeing their frustrations and knowing she could help more parents she decided to take to social media to provide Potty Training tips so she could help more parents and children. 

In 2022 she launched the first in person Potty Princess Potty Training course to support parents to potty train toddlers. It was a huge success and following multiple requests from parents who had heard about the course Rachel created an online version so more parents could access her expert potty training advice easily.

A Message From Rachel

I truly believe

potty training can be achieved for all children. For many parents I have met potty training is a frustrating and often daunting time. Parents often place too much pressure on themselves and feel that they have failed if their child isn't potty trained in a few days, which just isn't the case. Potty training is achievable and can be

  • ​enjoyable for parent and child
  • ​supported with some key easy to follow steps
  • achievable for all children who are medically able​
The Potty Princess at Work

My Potty Training Course

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